My Style

Unique Floral Designs, bespoke wedding and bridal flower design in East Sussex and Kent. Vintage and country-inspired floral designs to enhance the mood of your wedding

my style

My signature style is relaxed, abundant and natural. I believe in embracing the seasons, and love creating depth and texture by mixing seasonal flowers and foliage to create one of a kind designs. Where possible, I use flowers grown in the UK to ensure the very best quality I can.

My brides want their wedding flowers to reflect their tastes and enhance the mood of their day. Typically, their weddings have a vintage theme, and they want to create dreamy, romantic wedding flowers for their special day. From rambling, organic designs stuffed into jam jars to more structured designs using seasonal flowers, my brides want something a little different.

I've worked within the wedding industry for over twelve years so I know how to work with your venue, theme and budget to create the most stunning flowers.

Please contact me for a chat and let’s take it from there!